Is Your Building a Good Canvas for a Mural?

What is a mural?

Have you noticed a wall that is tagged with unattractive graffiti? Is there a blank wall in your neighbourhood that a mural could beautify? Are you involved with a youth group interested in mural development? Are you a property owner interested in developing artwork on your building?

Did you answer “yes” to any of the above questions? If so, you are encouraged to contact Nicole Shaw

Murals are large-scale artworks created directly on a wall, or attached to it, with the permission of the property owner. Outdoor murals have proven to be effective in managing graffiti vandalism, supporting arts and culture, contributing to economic development and providing youth engagement opportunities.

Murals have the potential to beautify and enhance local areas throughout communities with images that reflect and depict culture, history or visions of artistic expression.


A mural can attract people to your business or neighbourhood. It is important to understand however, that under the Permanent Signs on Private Property by-law,  murals cannot include text that advertises a specific business. Additionally, trademarked symbols, text and business names are not permitted in any mural in the City. One exception is the small space within a mural where artist name(s) as well as equipment and supply sponsors may be listed.

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Any proposed mural location and design must meet the requirements of both by-laws as well as federal and provincial regulations. Your first step in the process is to contact Nicole Shaw.

As a property owner, you can now commission Nicole Shaw to design and develop a mural on your property. However, before the first swipe of the paintbrush there are many things to consider.

It is important to remember that your mural will become a part of your neighborhood and community and you are encouraged to engage neighbors in the process. Artwork that is embraces by your community is good for everyone…including your bottom line.

Mural guide contents

Murals are complex works of art whose creation poses many logistical and operational challenges. The work is well worth it; however, there are many things to consider in reaching your goal…

… a work of art that looks wonderful now, and for years to come.

Before your brush hits the wall there are many things to consider and many variables exist. Each will have a profound impact on the quality and longevity of any mural you create. Such considerations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Location
  • Exposure to UV and precipitation
  • Surface type
  • Surface condition
  • Access to wall surface including the use of scaffolding or ladders
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Liability including insurance
  • Priming, paint type and protective coatings
  • Maintenance and conservation
  • Water seepage and drainage

Nicole Shaw is one of the most experienced mural artists in Canada, having hand painted over 100 murals.