Have you ever dreamed of commissioning an artist to paint something for you?  I'd love to hear of your ideas and have them inspire me.  

I am a fine artist and a licensed artistic painter — basically an artist-for-hire.  I have made a career of making other peoples’ painting dreams come true. 

Each job is different with respect to the subject matter or the surface or item on which I am painting.  I have painted life-sized sculptures, oil-on-canvas, furniture, walls, ceilings — whatever the client needs or wants.  I take a client’s dream and make it a reality. 

Although I am primarily an artist-for-hire, I am both a residential and commercial painter as well.  I enjoy making peoples’ painting dreams come true and surpassing their expectations or simply freshening up their home or business by choosing and painting the perfect colour for them and their space.  I take great pride in all of my work.

I am inspired by the commissions that come my way and revel in the fact that I can make artistic dreams come true.  All of my commissions have been different from one another but one element has remained a constant — the quality of my work.  I focus on how to make your job the very best that it can be. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please consider me for any painting projects that you may have.  

You dream it, I’ll paint it! 

Nicole Shaw

Artist for Hire

905-031-7191 (Canada)