Nicole Shaw

I have been an artist for hire for my entire career, making my living from painting commissions (see PORTFOLIO). My artistic painting commissions are many and varied. I’ve painted myriad large scale exterior murals in cities of Southern Ontario, Canada. My commissions included original paintings on canvas, reproductions of old masters , signs, residential murals, faux finishes, sets and sculptures. I’ve repaired a hundred year old ceiling mural in the famous lobby of the Crowne Plaza. I paint anything. I have a large body of commissioned painting work, spanning over 20 years.
I make my living as a painter and although I am an artist first, I am a residential and commercial painter as well. I take great pride in all of my painting work, even if I am only painting one color. This is my work ethic. I look at it like this…at least I’ve got a brush in my hand every day.
Each creative painting commission is different from the last. It’s exhilarating to take a client’s dream and make it a reality. I enjoy making people’s painting dreams come true and surpassing their expectations.